OLFAAA officers for the term 2015-2018

Last August 25, 2015 was supposed to be our election time. But despite all efforts to gather enough alumni at the conference room after the Alumni Hour program, only 12 batches were represented out of the necessary 30 to constitute a quorum. So the previous set of officers and board of trustees were carried as winners by default.
The following were declared our OLFAAA officers for the term 2015-2018:
President: Dr. Dennis Navidad (Batch 1980)
Vice Pres. (Local): Salvador Anaba-ab (Batch 1989)
Vice Pres. (Nat’l): Nestor Carlon, Jr. (Batch 1993)
Vice Pres. (Int’l): Flora Ty (Batch 1958)
Secretary: Eugenia Padel (Batch 2008)
Treasurer: Socorro Andrade (Batch 1976)
Auditor: Valentina Alday (Batch 1979)
Bus. Manager: Corazon Pelagia Altar (Batch 1972)
P.I.O.: Paul Reynold Pomida (Batch 2009)
Members of the Board of Trustees:
Constancia Aranas (Batch 1963)
Edna Capacite (Batch 1975)
Christopher Thong (Batch 1992)
Shalee Aranas (Batch 1998)
OLFA Principal
After the Aug. 25 celebration the honorable president told the officers that he will be relinquishing his post for a very valid reason. In our bylaws, it is clearly stated there that if the president will give up his position automatically the vice president for local will assume his post. So that’s it. Mr. Salvador Anaba-ab being the vice president for local assumed his position as the OLFAAA president, in the same manner Dr. Dennis Navidad was appointed vice president international, Mr. Nestor Carlon, Jr. still the vice president national and Hon. Flora Ty was appointed as vice president local. The rest of the officers remained in the same posts.
On Aug. 25, 2018 will be our next elections for our new set of OLFAAA Officers. So let us join and exercise our rights to vote!

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